Rustlings 4.0.0

4.0.0 Jul 8 2020 at 09:41 UTC

Breaking Changes

  • Add a --nocapture option to display test harnesses' outputs (8ad5f9bf)
  • Rename test to quiz, fixes #244 (010a0456)


Bug Fixes

  • Change then to than (ddd98ad7)
  • rename quiz1 to tests1 in info (#420) (0dd1c6ca)
  • fix quiz naming inconsistency (#421) (5563adbb)
  • confine the user further in variable exercises (06ef4cc6)
  • update iterator and macro text for typos and clarity (95900828)
  • update generics2 closes #362 (964c974a)
  • confusing comment in conversions/ (c9e4f2cf)
  • arc1: Passively introduce attributes (#429) (113cdae2)
  • box1: fix comment typo (#426) (bb2ca251)
  • errorsn: Try harder to confine the user. (#388) (2b20c8a0)
  • typo (a901499e)
  • generics2: Guide students to the answer (#430) (e6bd8021)
  • installation:
    • Provide a backup git reference when tag can't be curl (9e4fb100)
    • Check if python is available while checking for git,rustc and cargo (9cfb617d)
  • option1:
    • Don't add only zeros to the numbers array (cce6a442)
    • Add cast to usize, as it is confusing in the context of an exercise about Option (f6cffc7e)
  • option2: Add TODO to comments (#400) (10967bce)
  • options1: Add hint about Array Initialization (#389) (9f75554f)
  • test2: name of type String and &str (#394) (d6c0a688)
  • variables6: minor typo (#419) (524e17df)