Rustlings 4.7.0

4.7.0 Apr 14 2022 at 09:23 UTC


  • Add exercise (#908) (3f0e1303)
  • intro: Add intro section. (21c9f441)
  • Include exercises folder in the project structure behind a feature, enabling rust-analyzer to work (#917) (179a75a6)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a few spelling mistakes (1c0fe3cb)
  • cli:
    • Move long text strings into constants. (f78c4802)
    • Replace filter_map() with find_map() (9b27e8d)
  • clippy1:
    • Set clippy::float_cmp lint to deny (#907) (71a06044)
    • Updated code to test correctness clippy lint with approx_constant lint rule (f2650de3)
  • errors1:
    • Add a comment to make the purpose more clear (#486) (cbcde345)
    • Don't modify tests (#958) (60bb7cc)
  • errors6: Remove existing answer code (43d0623)
  • functions5: Remove wrong new line and small English improvements (#885) (8ef4869b)
  • install: protect path with whitespaces using quotes and stop at the first error (d114847f)
  • intro1: Add compiler error explanation. (9b8de655)
  • iterators1: reorder TODO steps (0bd7a063)
  • move_semantics2: Add comment (89650f80)
  • move_semantics5: correct typo (#857) (46c28d5c)
  • quiz1: update to say quiz covers "If" (1622e8c1)
  • structs3:
    • Add a hint for panic (#608) (4f7ff5d9)
    • remove redundant 'return' (#852) (bf33829d)
    • Assigned value to cents_per_gram in test (d1ee2da)
  • assigned value to cents_per_gram in test (d1ee2daf)
  • traits1: rename test functions to snake case (#854) (1663a16e)

Documentation improvements

  • Add hints on how to get GCC installed (#741) (bc56861)
  • Fix some code blocks that were not highlighted (17f9d74)