Rustlings 5.1.0

5.1.0 Aug 16 2022 at 07:56 UTC


  • Added a new rc1 exercise.
  • Added a new cow1 exercise.

Bug Fixes

  • variables5: Corrected reference to previous exercise
  • functions4: Fixed line number reference
  • strings3: Clarified comment wording
  • traits4, traits5: Fixed line number reference
  • traits5:
    • Fixed typo in "parameter"
    • Made exercise prefer a traits-based solution
  • lifetimes2: Improved hint
  • threads3: Fixed typo in hint
  • box1: Replaced unimplemented! with todo!
  • errors5: Provided an explanation for usage of Box<dyn Error>
  • quiz2: Fixed a typo
  • macros: Updated the macros book link
  • options1:
    • Removed unused code
    • Added more granular tests
  • Fixed some comment syntax shenanigans in info.toml


  • Fixed a typo in .editorconfig
  • Fixed a typo in
  • Clarified manual installation instructions using cargo install --path .
  • Added a link to our Zulip in the readme file