Rustlings 5.3.0

5.3.0 Dec 23 2022 at 16:10 UTC


  • cli: Added a percentage display in watch mode
  • Added a flake.nix for Nix users


  • structs3: Added an additional test
  • macros: Added a link to MacroKata in the README


  • strings3: Added a link to std in the hint
  • threads1: Corrected a hint link
  • iterators1: Clarified hint steps
  • errors5: Fix a typo in the hint
  • options1: Clarified on the usage of the 24-hour system
  • threads2, threads3: Explicitly use Arc::clone
  • structs3: Clarifed the hint
  • quiz2, as_ref_mut, options1, traits1, traits2: Clarified hints
  • traits1, traits2, cli: Tidied up unmatching backticks
  • enums2: Removed unneccessary indirection of self
  • enums3: Added an extra tuple comment


  • Added a VSCode extension recommendation
  • Applied some Clippy and rustfmt formatting
  • Added a note on Windows PowerShell and other shell compatibility