Rustlings 5.4.0

5.4.0 Feb 12 2023 at 17:03 UTC


  • Reordered exercises
    • Unwrapped standard_library_types into iterators and smart_pointers
    • Moved smart pointer exercises behind threads
    • Ordered rc1 before arc1
  • intro1: Added a note on rustlings lsp
  • threads1: Panic if threads are not joined
  • cli:
    • Made progress bar update proportional to amount of files verified
    • Decreased watch delay from 2 to 1 second


  • Capitalized "Rust" in exercise hints
  • enums3: Removed superfluous tuple brackets
  • quiz2, clippy1, iterators1: Fixed a typo
  • rc1: Fixed a prompt error
  • cli:
    • Fixed a typo in a method name
    • Specified the edition in rustc commands


  • Bumped min Rust version to 1.58 in installation script