Rustlings 5.5.0

5.5.0 May 17 2023 at 14:31 UTC


  • strings2: Added a reference to the book chapter for reference conversion
  • lifetimes: Added a link to the lifetimekata project
  • Added a new tests4 exercises, which teaches about testing for panics
  • Added a ! prefix command to watch mode that runs an external command
  • Added a --success-hints option to watch mode that shows hints on exercise success


  • vecs2: Renamed iterator variable bindings for clarify
  • lifetimes: Changed order of book references
  • hashmaps2: Clarified instructions in the todo block
  • Moved lifetime exercises before test exercises (via the recommended book ordering)
  • options2: Improved tests for layering options
  • modules2: Added more information to the hint


  • errors2: Corrected a comment wording
  • iterators2: Fixed a spelling mistake in the hint text
  • variables: Wrapped the mut keyword with backticks for readability
  • move_semantics2: Removed references to line numbers
  • cow1: Clarified the owned_no_mutation comments
  • options3: Changed exercise to panic when no match is found
  • rustlings lsp now generates absolute paths, which should fix VSCode rust-analyzer usage on Windows


  • Added a markdown linter to run on GitHub actions
  • Split quick installation section into two code blocks